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2012 Model Updates

April 2012-

With the 2011 models came an all-out approach, resulting in an entirely redesigned package brimming with well-received improvements. The 2012 unit is further refined, offering new levels of durability, performance, and aesthetics. Most notable changes for the 2012 product line include:

· Increased frame rigidity via larger horizontal members and additional frame bracing at critical stress points.

· Adjustable upper strut arms allow for greater tunability.

· Tighter tolerances on machined components provides better fitment.

· Upgraded hardware components provide better finish.


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Commercial Snowplowers Finally Getting What They Deserve

OMEGA Backblade snowplow introduced as ideal supplement for all existing front plows

Holland, MI – March 6, 2011- OMEGA ENGINEERING CONCEPTS, INC. launched a new line of increasingly popular rear mount snowplows to meet the precise needs of today’s contractors. The Holland, Michigan based company formatted the product line specifically for professional snowfighters seeking to increase efficiency and effectiveness. “We recognize that contractors deserve more for their investment…” said Donald Mullett, CEO of operations. He continued, saying “It goes beyond the standard traits of quality, performance and value. We’ve also incorporated cutting edge technology, consumer options, and professional image into the equation.”

In today’s highly competitive snow removal market every component must be analyzed in order to gain even the slightest advantage. As a result, equipment serves a vital role in the acquisition of sales and the formation of company image. Veteran contractor, Jay Huisman states “Although possessing sound equipment shows we can perform the job, possessing a matching set (of plows) shows we also attend to the finer details. The OMEGA Backblade not only performs on the job, but also aids in selling jobs to prospective clients.”

Standard sizing is 7’, 7 ½’, and 8’ widths, each offering optional Wireless Remote Controlled Expandable Power Wings allowing for 13’, 13 ½’ and 14’ widths respectively. Moldboard materials such as high density polyethylene, stainless steel, and carbon steel are offered. Further, color options of red, yellow, orange, white, and natural (stainless) nicely correspond with any currently manufactured front plow. Together the options allow the owner to optimize output while also creating an image of professionalism.

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